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Hey MP’s !

It’s November Darlings!

So first of all if you do read my blogs I must apologize I havent posted much since April. The whole purpose of my blogs is to inspire enrich and encourage you through a biblical point of view. I’ve been caught up with so many different projects and responsibilities but I must keep writing because this is a way for me to share light. One of the projects that took most of my time was the launching of my website

I’ve always been passionate about bringing the best in others inside and out. I believe we as individuals should work on inner beauty, confidance, security, forgiveness and then work our way out to physical beauty. ❤ This site encompasses everything from Beauty, fashion (my made to order pieces), faith and inspiration. Basically what my blog is all about, I hope you enjoy it and please do subscribe.




If you’re not doing anything next month! December 11th and in the Dallas area, please come join us at the Youtuber host “Ashley Empowers” live event 8:02 Gametime; this is based on her weekly youtube channels, on dating with purpose and Purposeful relationships. This event will consist of music, guest panelists, and much more! This is for singles, married couples and any one who wants insights and wisdom on bettering yourself and your relationships.

I will be one of panelist for the show! so come and please bring a friend!!! its only $5 to get in with a toy. 🙂 :p

Link for Tickets:

You should be all around beautiful!

Masterspiece ❤


The Pain has Purpose


Hey Masterpieces!😃

I wanted to share a revelation that I just had today about pain. So today sorry no fashion tips 😜just reflections on how God transforms our perceptions. I was just thinking…It’s just funny how Pain is such a blessing in disguise. Yes it seems like an oxymoron!! but pain is very much needed in life. There are no gains without pain!

When things get tough in life and were left broken it’s so easy to feel like we’re victims of some mysterious fate. Alot of us ask “why does a loving God allow pain to take place if he’s so good?? why does that innocent girl get killed in an a car accident when she symbolized everything that was good.?” Why does bad things happen to good people? Why did they get a divorce after 30 years of marriage? Basically most of us are walking around with so many questions…WHY?..WHY?..WHY!?

~Pain is Needed~

 Though I may not have the answers to all those questions I’m reminded of the verse in the bible that says this: Consider it great joy my brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature & complete, lacking nothing (James 1:2-4). ” When we learn to endure and patiently wait for God ( for peace,healing, guidance, blessings) we are gaining something in return..a little thing called patience..which is a rare character in most of us. Enduring pain is a transferable skill that will give us wisdom in dealing with all the trials that will come in life; it is that very trait of patience that will make us realize that we lack nothing.

~Going through it~

My baby nephew was sick the other day with a fever and let me tell you!! even though I’m not his mother I wanted to take the pain away from him. I asked myself what kind of a painful world this is where innocent beings have to feel so much pain?? Looking at how vulnerable he looked..he could barely maintain himself. (Sobbing) This left me feeling helpless  and a little sad 😞…there was nothing I could do to take his pain away. Right at that moment I heard a voice speak to me, ( I believe it was the Holy Spirit) saying to me “he has to go through the fever in order to get healed. The body is fighting the invasion of a bacteria or virus if he does not go through this pain the germs will not escape.” I saw this quote somewhere but this is true “pain is weakness leaving the body.”

~Find the Purpose~

In 2 Corinthians 1:4-5 the Apostle Paul talks to the church of Corinthians and says ” If we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation. If we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which is experienced in your endurance of the same sufferings that we suffer. And our hope for you is firm because, because we know that as you share in the sufferings, so you will share in the comfort.” So we have to cry sometimes to release the pain from our souls …& we have to go through rejection to understand those who have been rejected. Women have to go through months and hours of labor to experience the joy of having a baby…and God has to close all those doors so he can open new ones( ooh praise Jesus! Lol). 

You have to lose some friendships to appreciate new ones…& you have to go through trials sometimes to comfort others in their time of affliction. 

You see though pain does not feel great at all!!! (especialIy when being a Christian) we must understand that Christ never told us that we would be exempted from the afflictions of pain. We will all go through pain and No we are not alone, your friend next to you is probably dealing with some type of pain too. Christ did however promise us that everything would work out for our good and that comforts me (Rom 8:28). So look at your pain again…there’s purpose.❤️❤️❤️

#painhaspurpose #itstimetogrow 

Don’t disregard your pain



~MP’s  Trend Alert ~ 👠


The Midi Skirt

Hey Masterpieces!

Ok so I must confess for some reason I’ve been really into skirts these days. I wasn’t aware of it until someone brought it to my attention??? Basically anything midi length is on my radar for this Spring and I can’t wait to share about how you can get the look at an affordable price and own it 


So one of the major trends that we are seeing in most retails stores currently is the midi skirt. Whether it’s the wide A-line skirt or the bodycon straight fit skirts; both silhouettes are a perfect piece to have in your wardrobe this year. Ok so before you purchase anything you see on the runway understand that everything on media is not necessarily every day appropriate; well atleast to those of you who prefer to be stylish yet classy.


Tip #1  “OwN iT”

Ok so the above trend image won’t necessarily be the first choice that comes to your mind unless you are just that bold with your style (hehe I would so rock the last look 😍😍). Well..why not?? if you can go ahead!! My philosophy when it comes to fashion is this. “You should use fashion, it should not use you! So take it, express and make it your own MastersPiece. How to wear a midi skirt? Here are different tops to wear it with:
  1. Cropped top: Are usually the best option when pairing it up with a midi skirt because they tend to be high waisted most of the time. I prefer to wear to wear cropped tops with high waisted skirt because I don’t like showing my belly.
  2. Sweet heart necklines/tanks or strapless : these tops are usually best with A-lines it flatters the the body
  3. Slouchy tanks: Depending on the style of your skirt if it’s a more casual skirt or made of cotton instead of leather/ satin adding a slouchy tee would give it more of a casual feel.
  4. Off the shoulder shirts: The shirt I wore had a boat neck look and sorta had the off shoulder look with my #4ever21 A-line skirt it reall gave off a Parisian look💋

You are a Masterpiece 💋



I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.

Audrey Hepburn 

The Battlefield of the mind


Every now and then I battle with negative thoughts which at a time of my life was so dangerous that it led me to extreme sadness, even to border depression and suicidal thoughts. In those moments, I was so self-centered and only focused on MYSELF and how I felt (victim mentality), dwelling in MY pain and MY sorrow and MY problems,allowing it to overtake me in a way that was extremely unhealthy. I thank God for those low moments because It led me to realize that it was not normal as a child of God to come to a point of having suicidal thoughts!! This is not of God! I found out through prayer, fasting, and reading the word that the most powerful way the devil controls people is through their emotions. If the devil can overtake you with a negative emotion, then he can get you to do anything. Think about it, how does someone commit murder? It starts with a thought…which produces a feeling…which results to the act of murder. In my decision to take control of my thought process, I came across several books which I will list below and recommend for a more in-depth understanding.In the book How God changes your brain, the author states The way we think and feel over time affects our brain’s chemistry. Predominantly negative thinking actually changes the brain, making it susceptible to mental illness. If we don’t control our thoughts & feelings the chemical imbalance will increase, to the point of PERMANENT MENTAL ILLNESS.”( Newberg,Waldman) It is imperative for us to discipline our minds. We can not allow ourselves to indulge in self-pity or negative thinking.

” Neuroplasticity- the ability of the human brain to structurally rearrange itself in response to a wide variety of positive & negative events.The brains chemical imbalance is due to negative thinking. We create our own mental illness through indulging negative thoughts & depression. Over time, continued negative thinking actually causes the brain to chemically react and change, causing mental illness such as depression, bipolar, thoughts of suicide and schizophrenia.It is scientifically provable that the way we think & feel physically changes our brain over time! Each feeling and thought changes the blood flow and electrochemical activity in multiple areas of the brain.Excessive anger or fear can permanently disrupt many structures in both our body & brain. The destructive emotions interfere with memory storage & cognitive accuracy, which will disrupt our ability to properly evaluate and respond to social situations. Anger makes people indiscriminately punitive, blameful, pessimistic and careless in their logic and reasoning skills. this can influence your behavior for a very long time,eventually this can damage brain structure permanently . If we learn to  ponder on God long enough, something surprising happens in the brain. Neural functioning changes, different circuits are activated, new dendrites are formed, new synaptic connections are made, the brain becomes more sensitive.Contemplating on God and who He is changes our brain!! It strengthens neural circuit that enhances social awareness & empathy while subduing destructive feelings and emotions.” (Newberg & a)

Don’t take your feeling and thoughts too seriously. Sure we have all been hurt, there is not one human being on this earth that has never been hurt, abused, offended,rejected,used ect(JESUS himself experienced this to the highest level). Just remember, feelings don’t determine fact! We are not our thoughts,feeling, problems or emotions. We are children and heirs of God’s kingdom. God is our reality, not our thoughts or emotions. As Christians, we can’t afford to self centeredly focus on our pains and poisonous bitter emotional state. We will only find wholeness by focusing on God through PRAYER, PRAISE,WORSHIP, and READING THE SCRIPTURES.

finally brothers,whatever is true,whatever is noble,whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.Philippians 4:8

sources: (How God changes your brain by:Andrew Newberg & Mark Waldman)(Battlefield of the mind :Joyce meyer)

Confidence 💋

confidence, Skin Deep

Hey Masterpieces!

Life is about facing your fears and that alone takes a level of boldness because we have no guarantee on what awaits on the other side, run it’s a risk!!!!! I’m not just talking about business ventures, I’m also referring to relationships, our personal perception, the dreams we have and yes even our style ( lol are you afraid to be fabulous)??💋💋

~Know Your self~

The definition of bold according to the Oxford dictionary online source is the ability to take risks; confident and courageous. It’s about being daring, vivid and audacious. Confidence is one of those characteristics that are truly intangible because physically we can’t see it. It always starts from the inside and works its way out. So what is the source and foundation of confidence?? Simple, be confident in who you are in Christ. Psalms 139 my favorite verse states I’m fearfully and wonderfully made”😃

Confidence is a state of mind, a deep knowledge and understanding of whose we are. I read a lot of quotes from different writers and this quote from Lao Tzu really set it off for me (lol) “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

~Trust in Gods word~

True confidence takes wisdom because, with the help of the Holy Spirit you will discover so many things about yourself inside and out; take time to discover your strengths and weakness. Don’t always minimize your weaknesses, they are there to teach you a lesson on humility. FYI a humble person is a very confident and attractive being because they do not rely on validation from others to measure their greatness. (Truthfully I’m not even there yet)😩   It includes faith because it takes complex trust in God to believe in what his word says about us. Luke 17:6 is a perfect example of confidence in God. Jesus speaks of having faith as small as a mustard seed in order to command a sycamore tree to be uprooted and thrown in the sea. Can you command the best? and expect it??? Stop expecting people to say no to your requests., again do you know who you are?? Speak only what you want, then to say “this will happen”.

I’ll be talking about implementing confidence in your daily style & demeanor. Stay tuned.

(Picture of me in Las Vegas lol smh I wasn’t eating all those snacks)

You were healed because you believed “
Luke 17:19

The Beauty in Failing

The beauty of failing

~Happy New Year~

Hey beautiful people 🙂 I hope you are all as excited as I am for the new year! not for all the long lists of dreadful resolutions lol…. but just because I’m grateful to have another year #perceptions. ❤ ❤

~Master the Art of Failing

So before I begin blogging my mind out I thought I’d  start off by saying this about the new year..Ok so every year on December 26-31st everybody seems to get super hyped about this NEW YEAR movement. We all start writing down lists that we barely maintain by March. So I figured I would blog today about failures and how some of us don’t even put any effort into our dreams because we’re so afraid of failing. So whether its starting a business taking time to pray, changing a bad habit etc; why do we as individuals give up before we even begin??????I’ve been doing a lot of self examination on how I respond to failure and the potent experience that failure teaches us all…

There’s something very attractive about people who have gained new insights about life (well at least to me), especially insights on perceptions. Whether you’re reading the Bible, motivational books, philosophical books, celebrity bio’s etc.. some how in all these various formats there is a re-occurring theme that is conveyed about failure and persistence leading to success. Some of the most influential people in our world have mastered the art of failing.. (Yes failing!!) It seems a bit ironical that we should be mastering failure, but I must say there’s a secret to be learned from this idea.

~So you fail, and what?

I’ll give you an example I’ve been into Seth Godin’s books lately; he is known in the business world or publishing world as the marketing guru of our time. Mr Godin has a book called “Linchpin” that really changed my perspective on how I perceive failure; in one of the chapters of his book he talks about the lizard brain which is that resistance in us that is so afraid of making a wrong move, (so afraid of trying, so afraid of other peoples opinions, just afraid) that we don’t do anything at all. He’s solution to this is to fail us much as possible that way you will know what works; not every work shipped or produced will be a masterpiece, but masterpieces will have to be shipped( presented, written, discovered) . I love this quote from J.K Rowling  that says it is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all.” So my point!! (hehehe finally) this year I challenge you to set reasonable goals, try accomplishing the little ones first, like the books that have been laying on your shelves read them. The membership you enrolled in at the gym, use it even if its twice a week do it!


Don’t be afraid to fail, you wont always win but don’t be afraid of failing.

#masterfailing #justdoit #produce #create #innovate

P.S either way you win Masterpiece

xoxo ❤

ˈfālyər: the omission of expected or required action.








Comparison, Skin Deep


Hey Masterpieces lol ❤

I wanted to write this blog after my sister wrote on comparison, cause I felt the two subjects were connected. I had some time to really reflect on the subject of inner beauty when a young lady told me this “Everytime I have a conversation with someone I keep thinking about what their thinking of my outside appearance”

The inside beauty concept can often be misunderstood as a weak quality based on how it is referenced…Let me explain myself, now days very often when a woman/man is told “you’re a really nice person” in opposed to being called,…”you bad”, she a dime etc.. (whatever they call beautiful these days) lol 😉 the individual almost feels like being called nice is a weakness as if inner beauty was not a qualification for attraction.



So I will totally be honest with you guys! I’ve judged people based on appearance before; I used to select friendships based on outer appearance until I learned this lesson called life (When you know better you do better). I wont pretend to be the most complacent individual; I’ve struggled to find the inner beauty inside of me, but I finally know what it means to be self assured!! 🙂

 We feel like we constantly have to keep up with this ideal of “superficial beauty.” (uhhhhhmmm) #aintnobodygottimeforthat 😉

There were many times in Jr High/High School that I wanted validation on my physical appearance..being a woman of color society has a slight different criteria of us as well. I used to ask myself, “am I curvy enough?” am I accomplished enough, should I grow my hair so that others might find me cute? since I don’t really have the curves to match up Beyoncé’s (lol real talk). Sounds so unreasonable & draining now but this is a battle that most people go through!! It effects us all differently, some fall victims to aneroxic disorders others get involved in toxic implants.


I’ve been in the fashion arena for a while and I’ve seen how industries based on looks (if not self assured) can slowly destroy our self esteem. How do we get to the point where we can start putting on make-up on our inner self..:) taking time to build something that could last forever. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for looking your best all day everyday! 😉 😉 🙂 But in the long run does material things keep us intact/ if today you lost everything in this world, I mean everything that you consider part of you; would keeping up with the model on the vogue cover really matter?

Worst case scenario, let say someone gets hit by a car (NOT YOU!!) and by God’s grace they survive but they have really bad scars from the detrimental accident. How do they continue to live.?? If our exterior beauty is destroyed does that mean life is over??. NO!! That’s why there has to be more to life than what people see.. Here is a verse on what the Bible says about inner beauty..

 “Find your inner SWAG”



Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.

1 Peter 3:3-4


Master’sPiece 🏆

About this blog



My name is Elisabeth Kadesi, and I have a strong passion to bring the best in others!

Three words: confidence, spirituality, & purpose; This blog is just about me sharing positive fashion..& guiding you as a consultant on finding your style, your confidance, and your purpose by understanding that you are a Masterpiece. 😉

From Street fashion, look-books,  to exercise and beauty tips +  inspirational life lessons

I want YOU to finish reading this blog and say I want to be great! I’ve seen so many individuals give up on life and slowly lose themselves because they’ve lost passion/ identity. My aim is to push you to look deeper. I share my experiences so young ladies &  gentlemen out  there will never trade in their birthright of greatness for temporary detrimental identities.


Before any artist paints a canvas, before any designer designs a garment he/she first must discover who they are creating their piece for. I’ve read a lot of articles and books on self discovery and identity and the re-occurring phrase that is often used is,..looking within. (Hmmmm) So you might say “well I’ve tried looking within and I’m even more perplexed”! Has this happened to you before? The more you look inward the more confused you get.

Truthfully there’s a part in you that even  you cannot discover without God. (Hopefully you believe he created you) 🙂

The Bible says in Psalms that we are Gods workmanship that he knew us before we even knew him; God chose us we didn’t choose him. In today’s society with all the negative press and expectation there’s nothing more refreshing than knowing God has condoned us; In his eyes we are perfect! ❤ ❤


You are simply perfect when you can be you knowing whose you are!! whether you rock your style bald, locks, natural, permed, long or short the first step into discovering your style is also knowing who you are.

My sister is natural and I love her bohemiam style; I  texturize my hair yet we both have one thing in common. We’re both young women who have learned to embrace our identity after gradually getting to know who the truest expression of ourselves. Was it an easy process(NO!!) are we experts definately not, here’s the simple truth the beauty about life is that we are not perfect but we’re ok with “still figuring it out” as we allow our Master to finish painting our beautiful story.

~Your a Masterpiece~



I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalms 139:14


gloriasstylemephoto 2

The Best Expression of Yourself

Women should empower each other


We all come in different shades, colors, tones, ethnicity etc and experiences..;)  but the main factor that makes us relate to one another is our ability to connect as human beings. We all have experienced pain, joy, rejection, love, hate (well atleast normal people) & sometimes we tend to forget that despite our personal experiences we were made for so much more than those broken pieces…


“For we are God’s masterpiece (workmanship). He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10, NLT)



Women every where are constantly destroying the beautiful image God painted  them to be; exhausted over finding a manmade identity they have lost sight of whose they are. When I say “Whose” I am referring to the identity that comes from being part of God’s workmanship.8D!..Do you realize what an honor that is?? The word Masterpiece alone was a common word used to describe the work of a genius. It is a particular, unique, original work or artistic expression created by amazing innovators such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci back in the Renaissance era (lol Art History).

I took a lot of Art classes during my early college years and the word “Gods masterpiece” came to me one day as I was painting something in my Figure Drawing class and my teacher would always emphasize on permeating the Beauty hidden in the empty canvas..(ahhaa moment) I realized that’s the same thing God did when he spoke your name into creation. It took a long time for God to make you look the way you do, PLEASE don’t take it for granted; Don’t call trash what God calls masterpiece.

I wonder how much more beautiful life would be if we would just look at ourselves and realize the true masterpiece that we can truly be if we just allowed our Master to bring out the hidden beauty. Below is some images of what I refer to as my masterpiece;This was a fashion show I organized for  non-profit organization I launched celebrating women empowerment. You can find more information about it by going on

My sister Gloria will also be joining me on this blogging venture to share her experiences with self acceptance journey!!<3



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The secret is to maximize your strengths, find your hidden treasures ❤